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My Trip to Japan

I was excited to plan a recent weeklong trip to Tokyo and Kyoto around Memorial Day 2017. I know everyone prefers to go to Japan around cherry blossom season but the prices were astronomical and the timing never seems to work out for me to go around that time of the year….

The One Perfect Day in Kyoto

My one perfect, momentous, action packed day of adventure in Kyoto and Nara!

Exploring Tokyo

Considered by many to be the best city in the world, Tokyo shows just why that might be true!

Traveling to Tokyo

Traveling on ANA First Class to Tokyo was a real luxury experience!

Review: SSAW Boutique Hotel Shanghai Bund

Shanghai, China 7th July 2016 This hotel really is excellent and best of all it’s an excellent location. No, it’s not the Ritz but for less than $100/night US it really FELT like the Ritz. The hotel is stunning. It feels like you are in China (at least to an American). The hotel has a very

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Review: Hotel Monterey (Spa)

Kyoto, Japan  30th May 2017 Having just come from Tokyo where I had a room that was only about $175/night or less and basically was a suite it was so huge, I was just mentally not prepared for the size of the rooms at this hotel. At first, it was so small I literally was […]