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Hotel Review: Camino Real Antigua

Right off the bat I was greeted by a professional at the front curb of the Camino Real Antigua who took my bag and assisted me with checking in. I had to run to the ATM to get some cash to tip Alejandro (which did not go well as one of the ATMs did not

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Review: West End Guest House (Vancouver)

Vancouver, Canada 17th October 2016 What a gem of a bed and breakfast. It masters the art of feeling old while not being “old”. They’ve somehow retained all the charm of a Victorian style home from a bygone era but clearly have restored the place with modern upgrades. The furniture feels antique but also restored

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Review: SSAW Boutique Hotel Shanghai Bund

Shanghai, China 7th July 2016 This hotel really is excellent and best of all it’s an excellent location. No, it’s not the Ritz but for less than $100/night US it really FELT like the Ritz. The hotel is stunning. It feels like you are in China (at least to an American). The hotel has a very

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