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The Guatemala Trip (July 2017)

Going to Guatemala 15 June 2017 On a whim, I decided to book a weekend in Guatemala mid June 2017. I literally booked the ticket the day before I left! Whether that is advisable or not is probably the subject of another post! I’ve done some spontaneous things in my travels but never this. I

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The Cuba Trip (August 2017)

As I plan many of my trips, I decided with relatively little notice to go to Cuba. Like many of you, I was confused about how to go and what the rules actually are but after doing a lot of reading on the subject, I decided to just go and roll the dice. I wanted

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Mexico City: The most under-rated city on Earth?

La Ciudad de Mexico is a truly misunderstood place. Easily one of the most charming and monstrously large places I’ve seen to date, it stands on its own as a “world city”. I arrived in Mexico City late Friday afternoon. Known locally as the DF (Distrito Federal or Federal District), Ciudad de México, or CDMX,

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My Trip to Japan

I was excited to plan a recent weeklong trip to Tokyo and Kyoto around Memorial Day 2017. I know everyone prefers to go to Japan around cherry blossom season but the prices were astronomical and the timing never seems to work out for me to go around that time of the year….

Visiting Vancouver

I loved Vancouver. It isn’t the most exciting city I’ve ever been to but it has a charm all its own. Despite incredibly cold and wet weather I did not let it stop me from exploring as much of this city as I could in the short time I had. I flew in on Alaska

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Chicago Charm

My brother Shawn, nephew Branden and I took a trip to Chicago over a weekend. For all my travels, I actually had never been to Chicago city proper (just the outskirts). We saw all the sites, like Grant Park, Downtown, Hyde Park, and the beaches of North Shore. I found the city to be a

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Post-Election Gloom in Manhattan

I took a quick jaunt back to my favorite city NYC for Veteran’s Day weekend. This was another solo trip. I took my usual 8am flight on American direct into JFK except that we got delayed on the tarmac by an hour. So by the time I got to the airport, and through the subway

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