Lights will Carry You Home (Video)

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While walking down the Tiber River in Rome, we stumbled upon a singer and guitarist on a bridge. The singer was belting out American classics from artists such as John Legend, Coldplay, and Guns N Roses, among others. We were intrigued and stopped to listen. At first there was only a few people there but after an hour a huge crowd had gathered. It was a real organic process.

I wish I could tell you the name of the singer but I don’t know. All we saw was a sign indicating an instagram page of @streetchroniclesofficial and we left some cash and got a CD for the guitarist who’s name is Maurizio Morelli (But I cant find him online either). So it’s all a big mystery to me. I hope I can one day track down this singer, though. He was so damn good that I’d pay money to hear him again.

When he got to his rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You” he really soared. There were people openly weeping. His voice really has a way of reaching into your soul and reminding you that it’s still there.  My husband took the video of that one (thankfully) and I’ve been watching it on loop on my iPhone. It’s ethereal (at least to me). Apologize for the quality … it was filmed at night and on an iPhone on the spur of the moment.

Someone once said something to the effect of “you may forget what people say and you may forget what people do, but you may never forget how they made you feel”. I can say with certainty I won’t ever forget how I felt being on that bridge in Rome in the waning days of summer. The lights will carry you home…


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