Hotel Review: Camino Real Antigua


Right off the bat I was greeted by a professional at the front curb of the Camino Real Antigua who took my bag and assisted me with checking in. I had to run to the ATM to get some cash to tip Alejandro (which did not go well as one of the ATMs did not work and charged me for money it didn’t give me, which was very annoying but eventually I got it back from my bank). That problem aside, I was very impressed with the hotel. The grounds were just STUNNING. I honestly can not say I’ve ever seen a hotel quite like it. High ceilings with wood beams, clearly renovated but rustic interiors, lush green and well maintained grounds with waterfalls, fountains, green spaces, flowers and a spa and the room was just as amazing. My room was the Deluxe two Queen beds room. As I was traveling solo, I didn’t need two beds but that was all that was left so I took it.

Adorned with modern amenities, beautiful stunning architecture, and a large spacious bathroom with a huge shower, I found this room to be quite a sight to see. My only two small gripes were the lack of a USB outlet for charging (a common problem in hotels) and the fact my room had not a single window in it. It’s so beautiful I almost did not notice but I would say that’s a drawback for a mildly claustrophobic person such as myself.

I went to their bar and tried my first taste of the famous Guatemalan rum “Zacapa” and instantly fell in love with the drink. The bar was also well appointed with a nice bartender. I also tried their salman carpaccio which was tasty. I only stayed for one night and checked out the next day but I also tried the restaurant. I found the pumpkin soup to be a bit bland and the roasted chicken dish to be tasty but nothing amazing. Overall if I ever return to Antigua, I would check this hotel out again. It’s an easy choice!


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