Last Minute to Guatemala

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On a whim, I decided to book a weekend in Guatemala mid June 2017. I literally booked the ticket the day before I left! Whether that is advisable or not is probably the subject of another post!

I’ve done some spontaneous things in my travels but never this. I knew I wanted an inexpensive weekend trip which was reasonably close as I just got back from Japan and I still had a time slot for a longer summer trip plus my upcoming 10 day Middle East trip in the fall.

Despite having so far been to 11 countries, I’ve actually traveled very little in Central America up to now (aside from Panama). So it seemed like a good idea to take my weekend to explore Guatemala.

I am an American Airlines Platinum member so I tend to prefer to fly AA if all else is equal as I have a far greater chance of being upgraded. The great thing about Central America is that American Airlines is usually the best bet anyway. In my case, I flew to DFW (Dallas) out of LAS (Vegas) and then connected on to Guatemala City. My connection was supposed to be an hour but due to delays it was cut down to eleven minutes!! Despite that hiccup, if you ever have a choice of which major hub to use, choose DFW. I’ve long felt it’s one of the best airports in America. Organized, modernized, easy to get around, good food, superior lounges, and clean.

I also had a bear of a time picking accommodations in Guatemala. I decided to go one night in Antigua. All the flights seem to arrive in the evening and it’s a quick journey by car from Guatemala City. I would then move on to Lake Atitlan on Sunday. There were plenty of options in Antigua for accommodations but very little options by the lake so I went with a pricier option to guard against a letdown there. More on my Guatemala trip to come!

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