Traveling to Cuba Post Trump’s Policy Change

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As I plan many of my trips, I decided with relatively little notice to go to Cuba. Like many of you, I was confused about how to go and what the rules actually are but after doing a lot of reading on the subject, I decided to just go and roll the dice. I wanted to see Cuba and I’m so glad I did!

The Trip to Cuba

Departing Vegas at 10:55pm for Cuba via Charlotte (CLT), I found the check in process to be similar to any other flight. American required an in person check in for flights that end in Cuba. The gal at the front desk asked for a purpose for my Cuba travel and I stated “people to people exchanges”. That was about it.

When I got to Charlotte around 630am local time, I found my connecting flight easily andalso a little kiosk labeled “Cuba ready” right next to the gate. There, I paid $100 for a Cuban visa (steep), they stamped my boarding pass and I was on my way! Really very much like any other international flight with a few caveats. I was afraid of being interrogated about my travel to Cuba but none of that occurred for me.

Cuba Ready desk next to the gate



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