Visiting Vancouver

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I loved Vancouver. It isn’t the most exciting city I’ve ever been to but it has a charm all its own. Despite incredibly cold and wet weather I did not let it stop me from exploring as much of this city as I could in the short time I had. I flew in on Alaska Airlines via Seattle. I settled on the West End Guest House for this trip. A really old style Victorian home, this B&B was really a treat. I wrote a full review on the experience there. I loved staying there. It was like staying in someone’s very nice home. What I loved most was the daily homemade breakfasts and the great conversations to be had with the various other travelers coming through the hotel. It had a grace and charm to it that sold me on B&Bs. Not every city/trip can accommodate staying in such a place but when I can make it work, I want to try more of these in the future.

The city itself is large but feels quiet and low key overall. People seem to love their city and you can tell it would be a great place to call home. I walked one end of the core of the city to the other and found great coffee, beautiful parks, biking, eating, and a plethora of opportunities to shop. I sort of struck out on finding a good night time spot to get a drink but the trip was only a couple of days and I had plenty to keep busy.

The highlight was my bike ride around the whole of Stanley Park. What a ride that was in the freezing cold and rain! It made the experience memorable and the views of the water were breathtaking.

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I loved Vancouver, Canada😀 From the treeline streets to the beautiful parks and active lifestyles, its a destination city for a reason and Canadian nice to boot! 😇 This is a pic of a pathway through a small park close to Stanley. For those of us who live the desert 🌵 lifestyle this is like a dream! 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 #vancouver #vancouverbc #stanleypark #park #trails #paths #treelined #naturephotography #landscapephotography #parkphotography #travelphotography #lovetravel #travel #traveler #travels #solotravel #solotraveler #moments #coldweather #canada #americantraveler #instatravel #travelstagram #lawoftravel #wanderlust #worldtraveller #photooftheday #travelholic @vancouver_bc_canada_travel @vancouvertravel

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I also got to see Granville island and had a bite to eat there overlooking the water on my last day in Vancouver.

I definitely had a lovely time and would consider it a place to visit again. Although, I wouldn’t categorize it as a place I’d necessarily go back to without an anchor item to do or a specific reason to be there.


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