Traveling to Tokyo

Traveling on ANA First Class to Tokyo was a real luxury experience!

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ANA Lounge

I landed at LAX early in the morning on a short flight from Vegas (LAS). My experience at LAX has always been pretty good. Most seem to complain about it vigorously so maybe my expectations are just lower in general. Sure it sucks to have to exit the terminal and board a bus to move between terminals. It’s hard to really explain how far behind most U.S. international hubs are versus their first world Asian counterparts. Of course American innovation is pretty far behind in a lot of areas when it comes to transportation.

When I got to the Tom Bradley international terminal, I was pleased to get to use the Star Alliance First Class lounge. Previously I was able to use the OneWorld First Class lounge and I have to say that Star Alliance wasn’t quite at the same level although similar enough to be fine. The level of service and food and decor was on par with what I’d expect in the US for an international lounge. It was a nice quiet place to wait until it was time to board. I have to admit I was SUPER excited waiting to board this flight. I’d heard for a long time about the legendary ANA customer service and on board experience and adding that excitement to the chance to see a country like Japan really put me on Cloud 9!

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