Review: West End Guest House (Vancouver)

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Vancouver, Canada
17th October 2016

What a gem of a bed and breakfast. It masters the art of feeling old while not being “old”. They’ve somehow retained all the charm of a Victorian style home from a bygone era but clearly have restored the place with modern upgrades. The furniture feels antique but also restored and well taken care of. Modern upgrades like USB wall outlets and rain shower heads are blended in with the beautiful details you’d expect in an classic home. The people that work here are great too. I’ve only interacted extensively with Barbara and Martin and they’re both very helpful people. Martin is a nice guy happy to chat with me, which is really important for the solo traveler. Barbara is a great cook. The little things are really what makes this place great. Like the sheets being perfectly clean and spotless (a pet peeve of mind in chain hotels), the quality of the bedding is top notch. The nice spread of fresh water with classy glasses in your room, the free sherry waiting for you in the parlor any time of day or night, refreshments and coffee any time downstairs. The well appointed bathrooms with great products. The parlor room is so comfortable I could sit in there for hours reading. It really feels like home, just more comfortable and charming.

Finally the famous breakfasts here are a sight to see. It tastes home made because it is! The food is better than anything you would get at a hotel. It’s like waking up at home to a freshly cooked breakfast at your table. The best part is talking to folks from all over the world at your table. We talked for two hours the first morning. None of this happens in a hotel. I hope I can get back to Vancouver again and I already know where I will be staying!

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