Review: Hotel M’s Est Shijo Karasuma

Kyoto, Japan 
30th May 2017

Having just come from Tokyo where I had a room that was only about $175/night or less and basically was a suite it was so huge, I was just mentally not prepared for the size of the rooms at this hotel. At first, it was so small I literally was ready to check out. Making it worse, the first room they put me in didn’t have a window that could open and no natural light. It was like being in a prison cell. I get claustrophobic so that’s all I could think about.

I asked to upgrade rooms (even willing to pay more) but they were sold out. As it turns out my initial impression was just of panic. After I complained they offered me a room across the hall that was just as tiny but at least had a window that opened with light. After that (compared to the first one) I felt a lot better. There were not any other options so I had to suck it up and once I did, I began to realize they really did a good job making the most of very little space. Every part of the room is designed to maximize the space and I found that it was just fine in the end. The room is very modern with all the modern Japanese amenities. It appears almost new.

Of course with that small size, storing clothes or things is not realistic. I also would not reccomend it for two people if you want any space to move around each other. But for a solo traveler it works great and the price at $70/night is unbeatable. More importantly the staff was pleasant and helpful (as was my experience throughout Japan).

Finally, the location turned out to be superb. I’m usually pretty good at finding the right location for a first trip to a city and this was no exception. You are walking distance to massive massive amounts of shopping, restaurants, shops, boutiques, shrines, hiking, spas, you name it. It’s just a few minutes walk to the subway station and then 1 stop to Kyoto station. So it’s convenient. If you like to walk (like me) you can hike it to Kyomizu in about 30 minutes walk.

If I ever go back to Kyoto this is the location I want. I might still opt for a larger room but if you don’t care about that, this is as nice a hotel as you can hope for the price otherwise.

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